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Sr. Susan Wilcox a Brentwood sister of St. Joseph, worked with students at the campus ministry program of St. Joseph College to develop the modern interpretations of the Maxims of the Little Institute. The students were inspired by the reflections found in Loves Design by Marcia Allen a Concordia CSJ. Marcia has graciously given us permission to use excerpts from her book which we will post weekly.



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Maxim15. Likewise, be very faithful to the grace of the Holy Spirit, listening attentively, obeying promptly and entirely, attributing to the Holy Spirit, as indeed just, the honor resulting from the success of your good actions.

This Maxim recalls the three-fold dynamic of the soul: memory, understanding and will. The last calls for the perfect fidelity to the leadings of the Holy Spirit.

This is a model of discernment as well as model for how to move into action . . .obediently, with a prompt and whole, attentive spirit

Does this maxim have an element of risk in it?

I start a work at the signal from the Holy Spirit and believe that the rest of what is needed will be given to me . . .but, not to worry about that, because the real success will more than likely be hidden from me and it will belong to the Holy Spirit anyway!





It is rewarding to read Connie de Biase csj’s research on the topic of the beginnings of the Sisters of St. Joseph collected and interpreted in one place, the Origins of the Sisters of St.Joseph: A Call to Apostolic Mysticism.   Connie de Biase is one of the last living members of a team commissioned to conduct research in France in the 1970’s. Editor Shawn Madigan csj gathers in an appealing and organized manner the materials from de Biase presentations over the last 40 years.  What readers will find inside this book is the history and essence of living “love of God and neighbor without distinction” beginning with our founder Jean Pierre Medaille sj and now into the 21st century. 

Santa M. Cuddihee csja