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Maxim 77

Fulfill all the duties of the great and true love of God, and you will fulfill the rest.

When all is said and done, it is very simple: just fulfill all the duties of a great and true love of God and all othe duties are accomplished.  Whenever Medaille gets into nitpicking (as in preceding maxims) he can be counted on to recover in a broad sweep! This is good advice and modeling for us.  When we are lost in the details take a moment for the really real...

(by Marcia Allen, CSJ in Love’s Design


Book Reviews

Racial Justice and the Catholic Church

Product DetailsBryan N. Massingale.  Racial Justice and the Catholic Church.  Orbis Books.   Maryknoll, New York 10545. 2010.

Bryan Massingale examines racism in the Unites States by exploring the culture of racism, analyzing Catholic social teaching on racism and describing the need and challenges of a more adequate Catholic engagement.

Massingale describes his experiences as a priest and theologian as well as his feelings about the Catholic Church’s feeble response to the sin of racism.  The feeble response is documented by many examples with which I identified.  Racism is systemic and cannot be addressed by individual friendships.  “Racism is the subtext of almost every social concern in our nation.  The Catholic Church’s failure to engage adequately the pivotal issue of racial injustice decisively compromises its theology of injustice and renders its praxis of justice ineffective… All must find a welcome place at the faith community table if that table is truly a reflection of that of Jesus.”

This comprehensive, scholarly work on racism and the Catholic reality is timely and long overdue, in my opinion.

Barbara A. Moore, CSJ, PhD

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